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Learn more about our specialized regimen designed to enhance the physical capabilities of golfers, ultimately improving their performance on the course. 

  • Develop core strength to generate power

  • Enhance flexibility to achieve a full range of motion

  • Maintain stability throughout your swing

  • Increase mobility to execute movements fluidly


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6am & 12am


Golf Training

Golf-specific fitness training optimizes your body for golf. No matter your age or skill level, that means more mobility, consistency, and distance out on the golf course. Additionally, and more importantly, it can help prevent injury.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday

6am & 12pm

Semi-Private Training

Semi private Training is the best fit for most people. With up to four people per session all doing individualized programs, semi private allows for a personal training experience with the
added motivation of working out with like-minded people at
a fraction of the cost.

Personal Training

Private Training is available for those that want or need one-on-one attention. With the undivided attention of your Coach, private training allows for an exceptionally personalized training experience with the focused motivation and accountability of your coach inside and outside the sessions.

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Ranging from being a multi sport athlete to my time in the Army, fitness and being healthy have always been a part of my life. I’ve been helping people in the community for 12 years now, either as a personal trainer or as a sports coach.

No matter what your goals are, I love helping you achieve them. From becoming injury free to improved body composition to athletic improvement, I’ll sit down with you and develop a program for you that’s going to get you results safely and efficiently. 

My Qualifications:

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Level 3

TPI Certified Junior Coach Level 2

TPI Certified Power Coach Level 2

FMS Level 2 



"I started working out at On Pointe recovering from a back injury. After an extensive evaluation, Eric did a great job focusing on mobility, stability and core strength. My body hasn't felt this good in many years. My time with On Pointe has also translated in positive results on the golf course."


-Brian Q. Glastonbury, CT 

"I started working with Eric on golf specific training, but ended up with a
wellness advocate and a much more valuable resource. Can't recommend him enough!"


- Brett W. Glastonbury, CT 


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